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The last Sunset: A short Film by William Wolfe

Official Selection at Trail Dance Film Festival

Willie The Wolf - November 22, 2011

Trail Selection

The Festivals time is done for The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo and we are proud to announce that we made it into the official selection of the Trail Dance Film Festival at Duncan, Oklahoma (http://www.traildancefilmfestival.com)

Check the Website to know if we finally get nominated!

Thanks to the organization of the Festival and Congratulations to all the Cast and Crew!

Winners at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

Willie The Wolf - August 4, 2010

After start submitting to some festivals, we received the first answer from one of them: Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

We Receive the award of Merit of the Student Section

From this month and on we will be notified about the other festivals we applied.

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew.

Curious Fact I

Willie The Wolf - March 17, 2010

The Infamous Fight of the TV shows of Star Trek where the brave Captain James T. Kirk fights this terrible Lizzardman from outterspace  is the same desert as where Magruder and Sullivan confront during “The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo”

Enjoy the epic fight!

Short version (3′30”) Accepted in the Jameson Notodofilmfest.com Short Festival

Willie The Wolf - January 28, 2010

Watch it and comment in the Festival website!!!

Private projection for Friends and Collegues @ Lolita Lounge, Madrid

Willie The Wolf - January 9, 2010

Proy lolita

Special Projection @ Lolita Lounge before Willie returns to Los Angeles to keep going with his MFA. All Friends Invited! Remember this is an Unique and Private Event!Hope to see you all there!

Posters For The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo

Willie The Wolf - December 10, 2009

Thanks to Javier “Jango” Prieto, Designer from Kybalion (Responsibles of this cool site) we have this BEAUTIFUL poster for the Film.

Hope you like them!

Trailer is OUT

jprieto - December 9, 2009

The Trailer is out!

Check it out in the WATCH THE TRAILER SECTION!

We provide you a link to an external site to view the trailer.

We Screen @ Warner Brothers Studios!

Willie The Wolf - December 8, 2009

The 10th of this month, December’09 we proudly screen our short film at Warner Brothers Studios. If you want an invitation for the event, you can contact me leaving a comment here or Sign up at NYFA if you are a student or instructor.

The Screening schedule it’s not 100% fixed but The Last Sunset: La vendetta dell’Orbo will be probably screened about 20.00 (8pm) Beside of this film, there will be 3 more Films for which I was Director of Photography (What you Wish for, A prayer for the Umpire and Napoleon’s Charm. All of them beautifull films).

-Does WB stand for Water Barrel?


The Sunrise of The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo Site

Willie The Wolf - November 10, 2009


Today we inagurate the site for The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo.


The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo is a Student Project written and Directed by the spanish director William Wolffe, student of the New York Film Academy @ Universal Studios, Los Angeles.

This Short Movie is a homage to the Spaghetti Westerns Shooted in the 60’s in Spain, usually directed by Italians, like the director Sergio Leone. Spaghetti Westerns depicts an exaggerated and rough American west where Money and Vengeance are the main themes. A world ruled by Tough Men where even the “good guy” is mean and rude.

Shot During 4 days in Santa Clarita (California) and with a budget under $5,000,  is an accomplished Thesis of a 1st year of the Master in Filmmaking at NYFA.

It counts with the great performances of Chris Moss and Sam LaFrance in the lead roles, as the caracters Sullivan and Magruder, and an original score by Scot Irvine.

The action takes place after the American Civil War where a lot of men tryed to find their place, even through the darkest ways. Sullivan and Magruder, Ex associates and Ex Friends have to cooperate to survive to the desert and the dangers they find there in order to reach the Mexican border town Fuente Florida to split the Gold of their last job as a team, but the lack of trust will lead them to a continuous confrontation, breaking forever that link of the past.