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Cast & Director « The last Sunset: A short Film by William Wolfe

Cast & Director

William Wolffe, Born and Rised in Madrid, Spain. That’s Me. I Studied Mass Media Communication at Spain and Now Im in the middle of my Master of Fine Arts at the New York Film Academy @ Universal Studios, Los Angeles. In the Past I worked For TV, Radio and a Concert Hall. My experience in Filmmaking Started being part of the cast of movies as Extra while I was studying with the intention of getting to see from the inside how it worked, moving later to study Dubbing and Voice acting with Salvador Arias to get closer to the actors work and mind, in order to learn more about how to direct. My Influences are Sam Raimi (for his innovations in terms of style) Ed Wood (For his Passion which supplied his lack of talent), Sergio Leone (the master of the Western) and Nacho Vigalondo (who is introducing Spanish Cinema into a new era). I think of myself as a B-Movie Director because it’s a “genre” that has always shocked me with their ability to mimic FX in A-movies with low Budget. This Project is the Thesis of the Year one of this master and I hope you like it.


Chris Moss as Sullivan

chris Chris Moss was raised in Colorado, where he enjoyed local theater and several starring roles in major theater productions by the time he graduated high school. After touring for a couple years on the stand-up comedy circuit, he moved to Los Angeles where he has enjoyed success as an actor, director, and producer. Chris recently co-starred with Anthony Micheal Hall and Dean Cain in Final Approach, has been featured in a Comedy Special for PPV, co-starred on Reno 911, the pilot Beyond, and has been cast as the lead in several independent and cable films. His next project, The Chris Moss Show, will be launching early next year.
Sam LaFrance as Magruder
sam Sam LaFrance, born in Alaska. Always wanted to be a guitar player. Sadly he lost that dream when he was in a brutal fight with three large grizzly bears. The bears tore off four fingers on his left hand, and left the right hand missing a thumb. And that was the day Sam LaFrance decided to become an Actor. He put down the guitar forever, went to college at the university Alaska Anchorage where he studied theatre. He is most known for his role as Michal in Martin McDonagh’s THE PILLOWMAN, which he received an Irene Ryan nomination. Then he moved to LA the end.


Isaac Gallego as Barman
isaac Isaac Gallego, Born in Tomelloso, Spain. Eager to continue with his extense formation in acting, he decided to go to Los Angeles, California. He received a prestigious scholarship to attend New York Film Academy at Universal Studios for a One Year Acting for Film Program. Since October 2008, and during his stay in Los Angeles, he has been part of over 20 film projects and he has very good expectations for the future.
Mark Mooradian as Brother Mark
Mark Mark George Mooradian, grew up in Philadelphia, PA and studied cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado. His thirst for acting began in Austin, TX, working with directors at UT, and soon had him on his way to Los Angeles to work with the best in the business. Mark uses his philosophies of past and contemporary cultures to help create characters that are unique, timeless, and true to the story.
Jose Cardona as Angry Mexican
Jose Jose Cardona, Born in San Luis de Potosi, Mexico. Fellow director, writer, friend and Assistant Director for the project, agreed to play a role in the film as one of the Angry Mexicans.
Gwendoline Snyers as Fuente Florida’s Whore
Gwendoline Gwendoline Snyers, born in Belgium, is second out of 6 children. Growing up with so many brothers and sisters, she always felt the need to differentiate herself. Her desire to become an actor was born. Gwendoline studied for 4 years at the Cours Florent, one of the greatest schools in France. She did several plays, both in French and in English. Following a desire to keep learning and move forward, Gwendoline Snyers moved to Los Angeles. She graduated from the One-Year Conservatory Program in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy. Her education included the Meisner Technique, Acting for Film, Comedy and Improvisation, Shakespeare, Stage Combat and many more, in which she got straight-A’s! Now, Gwendoline Snyers is still in Los Angeles, working as a professional actor.
Jim Hayes as Brother Jim

Jim Hayes, Born at Stanford University a very long time ago.  Fell into to acting by pure accident when a co-worker asked him to appear in a short film.  Has since appeared as many different and diverse characters from monks to bikers to politicians.  Plays bass for critically acclaimed rock band “Fountainhed”.  The short time spent in the acting profession has been both educational and fun.  Vows to never give up and never give in.
Scot Irvine
Photo 7 Scot Irvine is a twenty-three year old Alaskan composer who
deals mostly with modified tonality and other experimental facets of modern music. The Last Sunset is his third film scoring project and
he hopes to be a part of many more independent projects in the future
Performers Stan Harris, Henry Hartman, Jeremy Strunk, Jennifer Dalby