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Special Thanks « The last Sunset: A short Film by William Wolfe

Special Thanks

In this Section I want to Thank everybody who has made possible this project.

First of all, my Executive Producers, without Whom, Nothing of this would have been possible.

They are my Parents, Maria Jesus Martinez and Jose Luis Ochoa. Thank you. (one day I’ll payback…)

Also I have to Thank all of My Crew members who has been supportive and helping.

Stefano Cipani – Director Of Photography
Jose Cardona – Assistant Director and one of the Angry Mexicans.
Annette Bigles – Producing Assistant and Truck Driver
Charlie Houle – Assistant Camera
Alan McAdam – Boom, Sound Recording and Sound Postproduction
Moe Koaik – Gaffer, Grip, Truck Driver and one of the Angry Mexicans
Denae Johnes – Grip
Fernando Cascales – Computer Generated Imagery Special Fx
Scot Irvine – Music Composer and Performer
Instrumentalists – Stan Harris, Henry Hartman, Jeremy Strunk, Jennifer Dalby.
Jeremy Strunk and Brian Mead -Music Session Recordists and technicians
Also to Sam Siregar for getting the Monk Costumes for me and my roommate, classmate and also director Mohnish Saraswat, for the help and for letting me having our Livingroom looking like a prop wharehouse for more than one month. Also to Ana Curto for Helping me with the translation of the script.

And of course, My Cast, for a great Job, for the Support and for putting so much of themselves in it:

Chris Moss – Sullivan
Sam LaFrance -Magruder
Isaac Gallego – Barman
Gwenodoline Snyers – Whore
Jim Hayes – Brother James
Mark Mooradian – Brother Mark

I Want to thank the people from Motion Pictures FX (you rock, guys!) and Cinema Secrets, for the Tips provided for the FX and the Makeup, Monica and the other Rangers of  Vasquez Rocks Park, Rene Valuzat, owner of the amazing Blue Cloud Ranch , To Radio Free Palmer and Canis LupusGlenn Grisco, from Grisco Animals for the beautiful raven (Bull) and Jimmy Williams, owner of The Cop Prop Shop. It has been a Pleasure working with you.

Thank all the instructors in NYFA, Specially Matthew Kohnen and James Rowe for the tips and for the acquired knowledge.

And Last But not least, Javier Prieto and Julio Galaron, The Designers from Kybalion who did this Fucking Cool Site :)